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Life moves forward after your divorce. It can take you in unexpected directions. Sometimes, those changes require an adjustment to your original divorce rulings. The old orders simply don’t apply anymore, and trying to follow them perfectly is impossible. This is when you require a post-decree modification.

KF Law, LLC can help you appeal to the court when you need post-decree modifications. We have over 50 years of combined experience, and we have the tools to assist you. Our team can review your situation and help guide your next steps. If you qualify for a modification, we can help you craft a compelling argument, showing the court why it’s time for a change.

If you need a change in spousal support, child support, or child custody orders in Atlanta, contact us online for a free consultation.

Modifications in Spousal Support and Child Support

These payments are not designed to keep one spouse down while the other lives in luxury. Spousal support is there to help keep one party afloat, living a relatively similar lifestyle. Child support goes strictly to the children, and it is based on the incomes of both contributing parents. If the paying spouse has always had trouble keeping up, it’s time to review the original order. It’s possible that the ruling was incorrect and needs adjustment.

Furthermore, a significant life change may call for a support modification. If the paying spouse suffers a semi-permanent job change, making less money, they cannot be expected to follow the original ruling. If their firing or demotion was not their fault, they can appeal to have their support payments altered, reflecting their current financial status.

The court can deny such pleas and appeals, so let our team help. We know how to highlight your current situation, showing the court how your current situation is untenable. Our team knows how to make the right argument and present the necessary evidence to prove the need for a modification.

Modifications in Child Custody

The court makes custody decrees in the best interests of the children. These decrees are based on the immediate needs of the entire family, and they don’t always take the future into account.

As life changes, you may find that your current custody agreement no longer works. Perhaps a single parent remarries, giving them a bigger network of support. This can make it easier for them to keep the kids for longer stretches. Maybe one parent moves or gets a dramatically different work schedule, requiring less time with the children. Even changes in the relationship can warrant a custody modification. If a strained parent/child relationship is repaired, this can make both people more willing and eager to spend time together.

Let us work with you and your spouse to renegotiate your custody agreement. If necessary, we can provide mediation. In this process, one of our legal professionals takes a neutral role, working for both spouses simultaneously. Our job is to get you talking, working together for a solution that is best for everyone.

Post-Decree Modifications Can Benefit Either Party

People who need to spend less on support can receive a modification, but they aren’t the only ones. For instance, if the paying spouse makes far more money than before, the receiving spouse can request more support. This is especially true for a child support ruling, as all that money goes to the children alone.

KF Law, LLC is here to help Atlanta residents receive the balanced, reasonable post-decree modifications they require. Call our attorneys today at (678) 326-4611, our schedule time with us using our online contact form.

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