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At KF Law, our Atlanta divorce lawyers believe that divorce offers a new beginning. Emerging to a brighter future requires compassion and commitment from tireless advocates dedicated to helping you navigate the Georgia divorce process with grace and dignity.

The cutting-edge knowledge of our Atlanta divorce attorneys allow us to leverage our client’s strengths when representing their interests before Georgia family court judges. Intelligent, strategically thinking lawyers with serious experience in trial litigation and settlement negotiation strategies can make the difference.

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What is the Georgia Divorce Process

The divorce process in Georgia typically involves the following steps:

  1. Filing a Petition for Divorce: In Georgia, a divorce petition must be filed by one spouse with the appropriate court. Petitioner refers to the spouse who files the divorce, while Respondent refers to the spouse who is the respondent to the divorce.

  2. Serving the Petition: A copy of the Petition for Divorce must be served on the respondent. An individual can deliver the documents to the respondent personally, or the documents can be sent by certified mail with the return receipt requested.

  3. Filing an Answer: Within 30 days of being served with the petition, the respondent must file an answer. Any counterclaims that the respondent may have can be included in the answer, as well as whether the petition is true or false.

  4. Discovery: A discovery process is used to exchange information about income, assets, and debts between the parties. Depositions, document requests, and written questions can all be part of this process.

  5. Negotiation: Divorce issues such as property division, alimony, child custody, and child support may be negotiated between the parties.

  6. Mediation: Mediation may be required when the parties cannot resolve their differences through negotiation. A neutral third-party mediator will assist the parties in reaching a settlement.

  7. Trial: Trial will be held if mediation fails. All contested issues will be decided by a judge after both sides present evidence and arguments.

  8. Final Judgment and Decree: The judge will issue a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce once he or she has made a decision. Divorce documents outline the terms of the divorce, such as property division, alimony, child custody, and child support.

An experienced Atlanta divorce lawyer is always a good resource for guidance regarding the divorce process based on the circumstances of each particular case.

How to Finalize a Divorce in Georgia

Georgia divorces can be accomplished in two ways. One is by reaching an agreement with your spouse. The other is by allowing a judge to make the final decision. At KF Law, LLC, our Georgia divorce lawyers take the time to help you find the most beneficial and efficient way to accomplish your goals.

Although it is generally preferable to avoid the time, costs, and uncertainty of allowing a judge or jury to decide everything, sometimes it can’t be helped. Either way, we are always prepared to vigorously champion your cause, whether it’s in a courtroom or settlement negotiations.

What are Common Issues with Georgia Divorces

Divorce is the legal process that resolves the very important issues involved when a marriage ends.

Every Georgia divorce is different, but all divorces will generally include some or all of the following six issues:

What is a No-Fault Divorce?

Georgia is a no-fault divorce state. That means you do not need to prove that the other spouse did something that entitles you to become divorced. You simply need to assert that your marriage is irretrievably broken and that there are no reasonable prospects of reconciliation.

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Our Atlanta divorce lawyers believe that it is important to remain on the cutting edge by being constantly aware of Georgia divorce statutes and court decisions that affect our clients. This cutting-edge knowledge allows us to leverage our client’s strengths when representing their interests before Georgia family court judges.

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