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  • I can't say thank you enough
    KF Law, LLC is a firm I’d recommend and Salmeh Fodor is exceptional at what she does. The professionalism, knowledge, and tenacity were key factors for me, but Salmeh’s due diligence and attention to detail sealed the deal. Imagine two legal situations being handled by two separate attorneys; she was the good fortune that secured the resolution for both. I can't say thank you enough. Thank you Salmeh!

    - Former Client

  • Really impressed
    I’m a really blessed person for having you and your colleagues on my side - thank you for always letting me know and helping me understand the law. Your firm really impressed me

    - Norma

  • Robert was flawless in every aspect
    Robert was flawless in every aspect. I can't thank you enough for not only keeping me out of jail but getting my charges Dismissed completely. Without stepping foot in a courtroom.. Thanks again!

    - Christopher

  • I can’t thank you enough Salmeh.

    I can’t thank you enough Salmeh. You have no idea how appreciative I am for all you have done to move this forward. I came to you extremely apprehensive because of my experience with the lawyer that handled my divorce. You are in a far superior league. I hope you continue to go to bat for your clients as you so fervently did for me. Again, thank you.

    - Dianne B

  • The best attorney I have ever had!

    The best attorney I have ever had…I’ve gotten better results than I even expected.

    - Bob

  • Professional and knowledgeable

    Dr Kasraie has been invaluable to me in setting up my new business. He thought of situations to protect me and my assets that I wouldn't have even remotely considered. He is very prompt in returning calls and emails and as a start up business owner, I do feel he has my best interests at heart. Having Dr Kasraie advising me has brought me much comfort in pro actively working to avoid future litigation. I recommend him for your future business needs.

    - Carole

  • I would 100% recommend her and use her services in the future!

    Calina did an amazing job handling my child custody case. I would 100% recommend her and use her services in the future!

    - Taylor

  • She is truly amazing!
    She is truly amazing and I owe her my sanity. If you are faced with divorce know that there is an attorney out there who will fight for you and will give you 100% 24/7.

    - Leyla

  • Nobody else you'll want or need to fight on your behalf!
    Salmeh is someone who will defend her clients to the end. If she believes in you then there is nobody else you'll want or need to fight on your behalf…This is why I’ve already referred three people.

    - Alan

  • Best possible outcome I could have imagined!
    In the end, the settlement we reach was the absolute best possible outcome I could have imagined. She negotiated extremely well with the other counsel and got everything resolved in the tight timeframe and constraints I had.

    - Howard

  • Tenacious, professional, and courteous!
    Salmeh is “tenacious, professional, and courteous. She did an excellent job representing me in my divorce. Will not hesitate to use her again.

    - Fred

  • Professionalism, client service mindset and tenacity!
    Her professionalism, client service mindset and tenacity to achieve best results for me always far exceeds my expectations.

    - Beth

  • I am so grateful I made that call!
    I met Salmeh when I was in shock, the darkest time ever in my life, and she walked me through it. I immediately trusted her…I am so grateful I made that call!

    - Edie

  • Knowledgeable, fierce and supportive!
    She was knowledgeable, fierce and supportive during a time when I was afraid for my future.

    - Collen

  • Salmeh was the absolute best!
    Salmeh was the absolute best!!! She made me comfortable and I knew she really cared about what I was going thru. To this day I can call on her and she will be there.

    - Loma

  • Ms. Fodor and her excellent staff!
    I'm convinced that I still wouldn't be allowed to see my two Boy's if it wasn't for Ms. Fodor and her excellent staff.

    - Louis

  • We are grateful and highly recommend her!
    Salmeh helped us in several situations. Every single time it was a win! We are grateful and highly recommend her.

    - Afsaneh

  • Extremely professional and knowledgeable on law!
    Extremely professional and knowledgeable on law, Salmeh immediately rebolstered my will to press on. I couldn’t have anticipated it ending so well, and I owe it all to Salmeh.

    - Oliver

  • Thankful!
    Thank God for an Attorney like Ms. Fodor and her staff.

    - Hugh Gibbons

  • Effortlessly, Compassionate and Diligent!

    Robert was my rock during this very difficult time. He made my divorce go effortlessly and was compassionate and diligent. I highly recommend him for his excellent expertise.

    - Diane

  • I would highly recommend Robert!!

    I am a healthcare professional and went through a very hard divorce, Robert was there for myself and my children every step of the way. He knew every detail of my case! He was never too busy to explain things to me further and I was always able to reach him which was important!! I would highly recommend Robert!!

    - Kerry

  • Absolutely amazing attorney
    Over the past 5 years I've worked with Salmeh multiple times on divorce and domestic violence issues. She helped me navigate the legal process when I didn't have the emotional capacity to handle it alone. She helped to protect both me and my children. She helped me get a proper amount of custody and child support so that I can raise my children in the best way possible moving forward. I cannot put into words the impact Salmeh and her firm has had on my life and the lives of my children. We are all safer and happier today because of the unending support and help Salmeh provided. It goes without saying that I would highly recommend you give Salmeh a call if you need help.

    - Felicia

  • These are two of the finest legal minds in the Country.

    These are two of the finest legal minds in the Country. They have resolved my legal issues with efficiency and a great outcome. My confidence in lawyers has been restored. I have been a client for many years and will never hesitate to recommend this firm.

    - Peter O.

  • Best Family Lawyer
    Salmeh was the absolute best!!! She made me comfortable and I knew she really cared about what I was going thru. To this day I can call on her and she will be there. This is the second time she is been helping me. Salmeh kept me informed on everything that was going on. She is very professional and will handle your case with the highest level of expertise. Highly recommended!!

    - Lorna

  • Thanks to him and his team I can finally breathe and sleep much better at night.
    This is by far one of the best law firms for import, I had a major issue and I thought it would be impossible to resolve, but Dr. Kasraie literally moved a mountain of import legal weight off my chest and got my issue resolved, he did not play any games. Thanks to him and his team I can finally breathe and sleep much better at night. Thank you, Dr. Kasraie. I greatly appreciate it.

    - Vlad

  • My business savior

    Dr. Kasraie is an excellent attorney to work with. I was certain that I was going to lose my business. Dr. Kasraie proved me wrong. He offered several solutions, outlined the benefits of each, and as soon as I decided, he put the wheels in motion. He also kept me updated on the progress the entire time. I could not have asked for a better attorney.

    - Josh

  • Great firm, great team!

    Great firm, great team! I have had KF Law represent me personally and for my businesses on a number of occasions over the years. Ms. Fodor and her team have always produced exceptional results with all my cases and recommend this team to all my friends and associates

    - Jason L.

  • 10/10 would definitely recommend!
    10/10 would definitely recommend that you contact Calina for all family custody issues!!!!

    - John

  • Literally changed my life.
    Calina literally changed my life. She helped me through an extremely difficult divorce that took almost 2 years.

    - Felicia

  • I couldn't be happier with the results!
    Robert took care of my case out of state and I couldn't be happier with the results. I recommend his Law Firm to anyone looking for professional service. Thank You.

    - Emil

  • Stood by my side until the very end

    As a Dutch citizen I had no idea how US / Georgia law works, and having this distance I needed a good law firm to get me through the whole process of divorce. Luckily a contact referred me to KFLAW LLC in Atlanta. Salmeh took my case and right from start was able to set realistic expectations. Salmeh and Calina are experts in their field of expertise. Even though I complicated the case by living in a different country, It never stopped Salmeh / Calina from taking this case and bringing it to a good result. Salmeh and her team stood by my side till the very end of this divorce that took over a year. I highly recommend Salmeh, and her firm to anyone in need of professional support in a divorce.

    - Cees R.

  • He goes out of his way for his clients!
    Rob is a awesome, and polite Lawyer. He always explains everything to you. No matter how many times you need to know. He answer the phone or texts right away. He doesn't make you nervous at all. He goes out of his way for his clients. He has helped me and my family members with our cases and can't thank him enough for what he had done for us. Criminal and family court. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism. Thank you so much. You did amazing with me and my family legal work. If you ever looking for a lawyer for criminal or family court. This lawyer just the right one .You will be 100% satisfy.

    - MARIA C.

  • Great service

    I have been using Miss Fodor for my LLC for over ten years. She has helped me quite a bit on several issues. She has been very responsive to all my requests. Very happy to continue using her in the future.

    - Sean

  • Salmeh Fodor is brilliant

    Ms. Fodor has been a wonderful ally to our family. We have benefited from her frank and thoughtful advice. Many times she has been able to coach us with intelligent and expert advice even when we thought that we were lost. Salmeh has been wonderful to work with and she has been able to help us avoid the courtroom. I highly recommend Salmeh, and her firm.

    - Jason

  • She was there every step of the way

    Salmeh is an amazing attorney. I had a complicated child support and custody matter that was a little complicated and ugly. She was there every step of the way, always available for questions and support, and my outcome turned out better than I originally thought it would be. I highly recommend this law firm, but specifically Salmeh Fodor.

    - Sarah G.

  • Helping My Small Business Grow
    I hired Bijan Kasraie to create the framework for my LLC, as well as help guide me through the process of protecting and growing my small business. He has been very helpful, informative, and professional. I would recommend him highly.

    - Holly

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and trusted

    Dr. Kasraie represented our company in several cases dealing with U.S. Customs. He was able to successfully resolve each and every case and we were able to recover valuable inventory which had been seized by Customs. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kasraie and his firm in dealing with matters such as these.

    - DA

  • Amazing since day one!!
    Salmeh and her team have been amazing since day one!! The communication was excellent and we were able to resolve my case quickly and efficiently. Will highly recommend.

    - Heather

  • Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Honest!
    I have known Robert Nothdurft for about 3 years. In working with Robert on my divorce, he represented me in an extremely professional manner never wavering his ethics or class. Robert is knowledgeable, courteous, and honest. Simply put - Robert is someone who is a pleasure to work with - even in the toughest of times. In addition, Robert is highly respected by judges and his peers which not only was extremely important to me but is also extremely important when dealing with any legal matters. I HIGHLY recommend Robert and his peers at Alber Law without ANY hesitation!

    - Eric

  • The single greatest decision you ever make!
    Imagine walking into the courthouse weekly because your narcissistic soon to be ex-husband was creating motion after motion with the ultimate strategy of taking you out by financially damaging you, emotionally wearing you down, and trying to take your children away - to only be reminded by other attorneys, courthouse personnel, and your children’s attorney of their high regard and respect for Robert. That alone, should be a testament to Roberts character. As you could imagine, my divorce was not an easy case to try but Robert was up for the task. Robert came to the table with compassion for my children and I. He always showed concerned about our safety and mental space. He brought unique and bright strategies to my case that would allow my children and I to survive through a very tough time. I can assure you that your trust in Robert will be the single greatest decision you ever make. I am grateful for Robert & the entire staff. I can’t and don’t want to imagine the situation I’d be in without them. Thank you Robert!

    - Laura Jean

  • From the very first consultation, I felt that this firm had my back
    Salmeh, Calina and their team are more than excellent lawyers - they are kind, hard-working, and not only do they not give up, they will not let you give up! I met Salmeh when I was in shock, the darkest time ever in my life, and she walked me through it. I immediately trusted her, even though I know lawyers have such a bad reputation and was a bit cautious. When it comes to hand-holding, this team of Salmeh and Calina have all four hands ready and a box of tissues if you need it. I have not had a lot of positive experiences with lawyers so to be able to trust was the first thing on my list. And from the very first consultation. I felt that this firm had my back - I had no idea what to do however, and ever so patiently, it was explained to me. I always had a choice, there was never any pressure; my divorce was very complicated and took a year and a half to complete. While it looked at one point that we would need to go to trial, the work they did avoided that and earned the settlement I deserved. It is never easy going through this and I was very naive going in - they educated me gently and guided me through the process. While I do not have any experience with other divorce lawyers, from what I have read, this is rare. I urge you to at least give them a call and go for a consultation. For good reasons, I could not go to family or friends for a lawyer recommendation so I read reviews and Salmeh's was one that stood at the top- I am so grateful I made that call!

    - Edie G.

  • Absolutely the best

    If you get into a situation where you need a lawyer for a divorce, Salmeh was absolutely the best I could have chosen. She got it done in a timely manner and she got me what I needed from a settlement standpoint.

    - Howard W.

  • Simply Magnificent

    I had a contract dispute with a Chinese company that no one in Atlanta could even understand the complexity of it. Dr. Kasraie, not only understood it, but also brought the dispute to a conclusion that I did not dream could be done. Simply Magnificent

    - Alex

  • Lawyer Who Will Fight For You!

    When I ran into trouble with the law, I did not know what to do. Rob was part of Michael Alber's team that represented me. Little did I know that he would be the best member of the team, and someone who was their for me and my family every step of the way. Rob was always there for any question or concern I had. He was an expert in the courtroom, and was able to successfully argue my case in front of the judge. I was able to get all the charge against me dropped, and Rob had a major influence on that outcome. He is a skilled, dedicated, and hard working lawyer who I would recommend to anyone facing criminal charges related to DUI-related offenses. There is no one I trusted more throughout my process, and he was the best lawyer I could have asked for in my situation.

    - Former Client

  • A great Attorney but a wonderful person!

    I was accused of a crime and being pressured to take a plea deal by the state of New York trying to prosecute me the only problem here was they had insufficient evidence. Attorney Robert Nothdruft fought back on the plea deal and by the grace of God got the case dismissed. Thank you so much Robert you're not just a great attorney but a wonderful person whom I've had the great pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with.

    - James

  • Recommendation of a good Lawyer.
    Mr. Kasraie has provided Legal advice and guidance. I found him to be very experienced, responsive, Knowledgable, and Honest. He has guided me in the most professional manner, his ethics are of the highest standards, his friendship, courtesy, knowledge and honesty have become very important to me during the last three years. I would highly recommend Mr. Kasraie to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, and he will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Truly One of a kind.

    - Amit

  • She is a bull dog.

    Salmeh is absolutely amazing in court. She is a bull dog. She is extremely knowledgeable about the law. Salmeh is super responsive and always willing to explain in detail what is going on in my case.

    - Anonymous

  • Absolutely Remarkable!
    His litigation and trial skills are absolutely remarkable.

    - Former Client

  • Incredibly smart and knowledgeable!
    Incredibly smart, knowledgeable, and a fantastic trial attorney.

    - Former Client

  • Greatest decision you ever make!
    I can assure you that your trust in Robert will be the single greatest decision you ever make.

    - Former Client

  • One of the best!
    I was accused of a crime that I did commit. The evidence was against me. Mr. Robert stepped in as a lawyer and a friend and fought and got all charges dropped by the grace of God who gave him great wisdom. Thank you so much Mr. Robert for all your hard work on my behalf.

    - Frantz

  • Experience and expertise

    Dr. Kasraie took what I thought were several overwhelming issues and devised a very thoughtful solution born of experience and expertise. Financial matters are second nature to him. I could not have chosen a better attorney for my situation.

    - Anonymous

  • This woman should be in she is just ....that...good.
    My case is not yet even finished, however this attorney has impressed me beyond my greatest imagination. At this point, whatever the outcome, I have full confidence I have had the best legal representation in Georgia. She is quick to respond. She is available. She is a Tiger. And she is prepared. If you need a beast in the courtroom, and someone that cares about your children, and getting you what you deserve, then hire Salmeh Fodor. I am not a "big time" client, however, she treats me as if I was one. She will make your opposing party wish they knew the law as well as she does. She is professional, strategic, insightful, and brilliant. This woman should be in she is just ....that...good.

    - Anonymous

  • She fought hard for me.
    Salmeh is awesome. She's responsive, communicates well, and walked me thru the process with patience and wisdom. That said, she fought hard for me. I'm just glad my ex didn't hire her!

    - Anonymous

  • You will be 100% satisfied!
    If you ever looking for a lawyer for criminal or family court, this lawyer just the right one. You will be 100% satisfied!

    - Former Client

  • Great Business Attorney

    Dr. Kasraie has shown a great deal of expertise and understanding throughout the years that he has been my attorney. I highly recommend him to anyone with business issues.

    - Anonymous

  • Simply amazed

    I was simply amazed as to how an attorney could be so knowledgeable about the coal industry. He wrote us the best coal transaction contract that we have ever had.

    - Anonymous

  • Wonderful Asset Protection

    His innovative ideas in asset protection planning are amazing! I used to feel vulnerable and insecure, as two of my friends lost everything they owned to law suits, through no fault of their own. I discussed my situation and concerns with him and he set up a perfect plan to fit my needs. Now I feel totally protected. Thanks Dr. Kasraie.

    - Anonymous

  • International Attorney

    We have been involved with international litigation for three years, with no result. Dr. Kasraie with his infinite wisdom brought the case to an extremely satisfactory conclusion.

    - Anonymous

  • Truly a dream lawyer

    I was amazed how he handled my case. Another lawyer had told me that I didn't even have a case. But, he helped me win my case. I could not believe it.

    - Anonymous