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Mergers & Acquisitions

Atlanta Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys

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We provide our clients with a complete range of legal services relating to acquisitions, as well as mergers and strategic alliances. With regard to acquisitions, we generally commence the process with pre-acquisition planning. This process includes determining objectives and priorities. If needed, we assist our clients with building a team of advisors which might include experienced accountants and investment bankers.

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How We Can Help

Once an acquisition candidate is identified, we review the legal steps which can be taken to achieve objectives and priorities that have already been established. For example, identifying measures to maintain certain customer relationships and retain key personnel who maintain and enhance those relationships.

In addition, we can assist with the following:

  • Initial contact and preliminary negotiations
  • Examining and choosing among structural alternatives including asset acquisitions, stock acquisitions, share exchanges, forward mergers, reverse triangular mergers, debt financing, and installment sales
  • Advice as to federal and state securities issues including whether or not exemptions from the registration requirements of applicable Federal and State securities laws are available, Rule 144, Rule 145, the short swing profits rules, and the prohibition on insider trading
  • Determining acquisition timetables
  • Negotiation of appropriate letters of intent and related confidentiality agreements, including protection of the seller’s trade secrets, “no-shop” or “lockup” clauses
  • Assistance in determining the timing and content of public announcements regarding the transaction
  • Review of the target’s corporate documentation including charter documents, state qualifications, the authorization and issuance of outstanding shares, prior compliance with applicable securities laws, preemptive rights, and related matters
  • Review of the target’s compliance with applicable regulatory requirements
  • Assistance in assessing target’s rights to its intellectual property including its software, trademarks, and service marks
  • Review and analysis of target’s material contracts including major consulting or project contracts, software licenses, development and distribution agreements, real estate and personal property leases, employment agreements, nondisclosure, and nonsolicitation agreements, loan agreements and other financial arrangements, insurance policies, general distribution arrangements, joint ventures, and option agreements
  • Other due diligence items such as assessment of existing employee benefit plans, litigation, title to certain assets, business licenses, environmental compliance, and related party transactions
  • Analysis of possible shareholder appraisal rights, and possible successor product line liability, as well as other potential liabilities imposed by law such as bulk sales laws
  • Assistance with required governmental filings
  • Assistance in negotiating the definitive agreement including the details of the representations and warranties, the allocation of risks between the buyer and the seller, provisions addressing employee benefit plans and other personnel matters, indemnification arrangements and limitations on liability, details of exchange ratios, “earn-out” arrangements, demand or piggyback securities registration rights, conditions relating to needed financing, and other closing conditions
  • Documenting related corporate matters, such as approvals by the board of directors and shareholders, and advice as to any required fairness opinions and Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) filings
  • Preparing for and conducting the closing of the transaction
  • Follow up with regard to “post-closing” matters, such as filing appropriate forms with the SEC, employee termination’s, filings with the state of incorporation of the seller and buyer (as appropriate), and filing of documentation documenting changes in title to assets
  • Handling post-closing disputes

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What to Expect

When You Hire KF Law, LLC
  • Always Prepared for Trial
    Our team is made up of hardworking individuals who are always ready and prepared to go to trial.
  • Dedicated & Passionate
    At KF Law, LLC, our entire team is made up of professionals who truly love what we do. It's what we want to do and choose to do every single day.
  • Experience & Strong Backgrounds
    Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds ranging from finance, security, and banking, giving our clients a competitive advantage in the courtroom.
  • Unparalleled Service
    A team of dedicated and experienced advocates who genuinely care for every individual case and client.

Client Testimonials

    “Unending support and help.”
    Over the past 5 years, I've worked with KF Law multiple times on divorce and domestic violence issues. They helped me navigate the legal process when I couldn't handle it alone, getting proper custody and child support. We are safer and happier today thanks to their support.
    - Felicia
    “Experienced, responsive, and honest.”
    Mr. Kasraie has provided legal advice and guidance with experience, responsiveness, and honesty. His ethics are of the highest standards, and his courtesy and knowledge have been very important to me. Highly recommend them for fair legal representation.
    - Amit
    “Helpful, informative, and professional.”
    I hired Bijan Kasraie to create the framework for my LLC and guide me through protecting and growing my small business. They have been very helpful, informative, and professional. Highly recommended!
    - Holly
    “This team will give you their all.”
    KF Law did an amazing job helping me through my divorce. I didn't fully understand my rights, but they explained everything and ensured I wasn't being pushed around. This team is dedicated and supportive. I'd recommend them to any friends, with or without children.
    - Arianna Courson
    “Trustworthy, kind, and hardworking”
    KF Law are more than excellent lawyers—they are kind, hardworking, and won't let you give up. During my darkest time, they patiently explained everything and guided me through a complicated divorce without pressure. I'm grateful I made that call. Highly recommend them!
    - Edie G.
    “Amazing support and great outcomes.”
    KF Law, LLC is amazing. They handled my complicated child support and custody matter smoothly. Always available for questions and support, and the outcome was better than expected. Highly recommended.
    - Sarah G.
    “I can't say thank you enough”
    KF Law, LLC is a firm I’d recommend and Salmeh Fodor is exceptional at what she does. The professionalism, knowledge, and tenacity were key factors for me, but Salmeh’s due diligence and attention to detail sealed the deal. Imagine two legal situations being handled by two separate attorneys; she was the good fortune that secured the resolution for both. I can't say thank you enough. Thank you Salmeh!
    - Former Client
    “Really impressed”
    I’m a really blessed person for having you and your colleagues on my side - thank you for always letting me know and helping me understand the law. Your firm really impressed me
    - Norma