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If you have been given an unfavorable court decision in a family law matter, you may have the right to file an appeal. Alternatively, you may wish to defend against an appeal by your ex-spouse or the opposing party in an effort to preserve the original outcome. Either way, you will need the legal representation of an attorney who is experienced in handling appeals. Not all family law attorneys practice appellate work nor have the experience needed to fully advocate on your behalf.

At KF Law, LLC, you can bring your appellate case to a highly-experienced legal team with proven results. One of our Atlanta appeals lawyers can thoroughly review the decision made in your case to determine the correct legal strategy to take on your behalf. Many factors will need to be taken into consideration to determine whether a successful appeal can be made or how best to defend against one. Should we take on your appellate case, you can depend on meticulous and ardent representation in search of the positive outcome you deserve.

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Family Law Appeals in Georgia

Unfortunately, courts and judges can make legal errors which lead to unfair decisions in family law matters. When this happens, you can appeal to a higher court to review the lower court’s proceedings in search of a favorable result that protects your legal rights. In any family law case, either party may have the right to appeal the court’s final order or decree. Whether or not you will be successful in this endeavor will depend on the reasons you are making an appeal and the circumstances involved in your case.

Two kinds of appeals may be sought in family law cases:

  • Direct appeals
  • Discretionary appeals

A direct appeal is one that is automatically granted once your motion has been filed. These generally are involved in child custody cases. Discretionary appeals are those in which you must request permission from the higher court in order to file your appeal. You will not be able to start the appeals process unless you receive a majority decision by the appellate courts allowing you to proceed.

Discretionary appeals generally must be filed within 30 days from the date of the court order you wish to appeal. Appeals of this type apply to other family court orders, such as for those involving child support, spousal support, division of marital property, child relocation, and final divorce decrees. Appellate courts will not approve discretionary appeals if they deem them to be “frivolous.”

In any appeals case, thorough preparation is key. The circumstances of your case must be analyzed in how family laws apply to it and in how the lower court came to its decision. Errors that occurred in the lower court’s proceedings must be demonstrated to the appellate court. These errors must directly relate to Georgia law and the individual facts surrounding your case. In the appellate process, your case for or against an appeal will be presented to the court in thoroughly prepared written briefs and oral arguments. These are skills that must be developed by appellate lawyers in order to succeed; they form a different skill set than standard family law practice. Our team excels in bringing well-researched and well-reasoned arguments to the appeals process on behalf of clients.

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The appeals process allows you and your Atlanta appeals lawyer to rectify any injustices that occurred in your family law case. If you wish to make an appeal or defend against one, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible. Because of deadlines in many cases, timely action may be needed to safeguard your right to appeal.

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