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Atlanta Oil & Gas Law Attorneys

KF Law, LLC is proud to have Atlanta oil and gas attorneys with extensive education, knowledge, and experience in the industry. We focus on assisting clients with preparing and packaging drilling projects for investments and to be classified as tax shelters.

For the oil & gas industry:

  • Assignments, Bills of Sale
  • Acquisition and Sale Agreements
  • Gas Contracts
  • Pipeline Easements
  • Pooling Agreements

For mineral and royalty owners:

  • Oil and Gas Lease Review and Negotiation
  • Ratifications and Amendments
  • Rights of Mineral and Royalty Owners
  • Title Research
  • Titles and Conveyances
  • Division Orders

Oil & gas litigation:

  • Failure to Develop the Leased Premises
  • Failure to Protect the Leased Premises against Drainage
  • Failure to Manage and Administer the Lease Properly
  • Lease Termination
  • Royalty Underpayments
  • Surface Damages
  • Pooling Disputes
  • Pipeline Easements

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