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Divorce and family law matters such as child custody, the division of marital property, and spousal support can all lead to disagreement and disputes between the involved parties. These disputes must be resolved in order for the legal proceedings to be concluded and final court orders issued. For some couples, the only method for resolving these conflicts will be litigation in court where both sides will present evidence upon which a judge will decide. However, other methods exist for the resolution of family disputes that can be more efficient. These include both mediation and arbitration.

At KF Law, LLC, our experienced family law legal team can provide the help you need in resolving your issues through these alternative methods. We understand the need for options when it comes to solving the many issues you may be confronting. The method you will take in such matters will depend on the specific circumstances of your case, your family dynamics, personalities, and objectives. Through consultation with one of our Atlanta mediation and arbitration attorneys, we can help you understand and determine the best method for you when proceeding with any contested issue in your divorce or post-divorce situation.

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Mediation vs. Arbitration in Resolving Family Law Issues in Atlanta

Mediation and arbitration are referred to as alternative dispute resolution methods. These processes take place outside of the courtroom and thus are not subject to court schedules, protracted hearings, and the final decisions of a judge determining how your issue should be resolved. These methods are preferable to court intervention because of the privacy and control you maintain as well as because they are faster and more cost-effective. Those who resolve their divorce or family law issues outside of court are commonly more satisfied with the settlements and arrangements made because they authored them and thus are more apt to abide by them in the long run.


Mediation has become a common process for resolving divorces in Georgia. It generally takes place prior to court litigation and is either voluntarily initiated or may be ordered by the court. In mediation, you and the opposing party will meet privately to work out mutually acceptable terms and arrangements concerning the contested issues. These meetings will be conducted by a neutral third party, the mediator, who has been trained to facilitate discussion, cooperation, and problem-solving between parties.

The mediator does not take sides, make any decisions for you, or determine any arrangements. His or her sole purpose is to assist both sides to come to a satisfactory settlement. Any final settlement made may then be drafted and submitted to the court for approval if both sides agree to it.


Arbitration is the other type of process that can be used to resolve conflicts outside of court. In arbitration, you and the other party can appoint the arbitrator(s) you wish to hear your case. Once this is arranged, you or your legal representatives will present your facts and evidence to a neutral arbitrator or panel of arbitrators who will then make a decision. Like mediation, the process is private and confidential.

Once a decision is made through arbitration, it can then be made binding and enforceable by the court if you and the other party agree. If either party does not agree, you may seek to take your case to trial before a family law judge.

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Making a decision about how best to resolve your divorce or family law issue can be difficult. You will need to weigh all of your options based on the unique circumstances of your case. Our firm can help you carefully consider the matter and move forward with a strategy that best suits your needs and objectives.

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