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Before You Sign Off On Your Divorce, Have You Thought About Everything?

Divorces can be overwhelming — they often cover the complexities of your married life and bring in issues of property division, child custody, and financial support. While your divorce attorney is there to help you in this tumultuous period of your life, sometimes you might overlook items in your divorce papers. The experienced attorneys at KF Law, LLC have compiled some of the most common things that people overlook in their divorces.

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Child Custody Agreements Are Reasonable

It might be easy to form an agreement with your spouse about child custody, but you need to look back to ensure that your agreement is feasible for both parties. If your agreement is contingent on one parent picking up your children from school but the parent works until 5 p.m., then that parent will most likely be unable to follow the agreement.

When reviewing your child custody agreement, make sure that there are planned contingencies for schedule conflicts or emergencies. If the agreement outlines something that causes one parent to be unable to perform their parental responsibilities, then together you will need to build a new agreement in which both parties can feasibly follow.

Child Support Payments Are Reasonable

Once you ensure that your child custody arrangement is something that you and your soon-to-be former spouse can both abide by, take a look at your child support agreement. If it is set by the court then it is unlikely that it will change unless there is a child support modification requested, but you should look through your child support portion to ensure that child support can actually help pay for your child’s basic needs.

If you calculate an estimate on how much money it is to support your children for their food, shelter, clothing, health insurance, and immediate educational needs and that number is not relatively close to your children’s child support, then you should raise your concerns to your legal team. They can work with you through your children’s child support situation.

Your Pets are Included

Your children are all settled and next, you should look out for your pets in your divorce agreement. In Georgia, your pets are considered property, so animals should be included in the division of property. However, if one party was the sole owner of the pet before marriage, then Fido is considered separate property and will stay with that owner following divorce. While you might think it’s not a huge deal if you forget about pets, adding in pet ownership to the division of property ensures that there is a legal owner to your pet following your divorce.

All Financial Obligations Are Considered

When you divorce, you have to ensure that all of your financial obligations are paid. This means not only like the basics of rent, utilities, and groceries, but also things like your car payments, mortgage, student loans, medical bills, credit card debt, and even subscription payments. When discussing your financial obligations, make sure everything is put on the table so it can be divided reasonably.

If you overlook a financial obligation, it also might come as a surprise when you receive the bill. To minimize surprises like these, make sure you read through the portion of your financial obligation very carefully before continuing.

You Feel Confident With Your Divorce Agreement

This might be the most important thing people overlook in their divorces: their confidence. If you don’t feel confident with your divorce agreement, then most likely your divorce agreement does not reach the best possible outcome for you. When reading through your divorce agreement, make sure that you believe that you feel positively about your agreement and all that is covered. If you feel confident, it’s time to sign. If not, it might be time to take a closer look and call your divorce lawyer.

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