Our job at KF Law is to help you get what you want. We will negotiate with your spouse in an effort to reach a custodial arrangement that you think is best. If settlement is not possible, our job is to help a court understand why you are the best custodial parent.


Are you worried about custody of your children? Is your spouse trying to leverage your children?

At KF Law, our goal is to protect your parental legal rights. Your children are the most important thing in your life. It is important to have an attorney represent you, especially if your spouse is represented by an attorney or if you are dealing with a potentially hostile custody case. In Georgia, as with all other states, the court will always be looking out for the best interests of the children. What you want or your spouse wants is not really relevant until the court says it is.

Many parents make the mistake of going to a custody hearing and pleading with the court that they deserve the children without realizing that they must portray themselves as the best custodial parent not the most deserving.

Some of the factors a court will consider include, for example, the relationship between the child and any siblings who are in either parent’s home, as well as each parent’s:

  • home environment and ability to care for and nurture the child
  • physical and mental health
  • emotional ties to the child
  • ability to provide the child with clothing, food, and medical care
  • familiarity with the child’s health, educational, and social needs
  • involvement in the child’s schooling and extra-curricular activities
  • willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the non-custodial parent
  • relative stability
  • history of substance abuse
  • history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect of children
  • criminal history

When there is a history of domestic abuse, the Georgia courts presume joint custody should not be awarded to the abusive parent.

Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney

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