Business & International Law Practice Areas

Our goal is to simplify issues and resolve conflict. Whether you are trying to form an international joint venture, raise money for a domestic acquisition, resolve a business dispute, or help with your family law issues, we will ardently assist you in a cost efficient and effective manner.


Business Transactions


Our attorneys draft all documents necessary to maintain a business in good standing under applicable laws. Such documents include, for corporations, by-laws, corporate resolutions, minutes of directors’ meetings, & notices.

Commercial Litigation


KF Law understands that litigation should not be the first step in resolving disputes. As such, we strive to reach reasonable out-of-court solutions whenever possible, we aggressively see the best solution to our clients’ needs, whether that be at the courthouse or the settlement table.

International Law


We draw on cultural background and our extensive experience with corporate and commercial law, customs and trade regulation, investments, real estate, and litigation to advise our clients in the area of international law.

Import / Export


We assist clients who are importing or exporting products or materials into the United States through the legal intricacies of U.S. customs laws and international trade issues.

Asset Protection


The right entity selection can not only help protect company assets and but also shield business owners and partners from being personally liable in case of a creditor judgment or a lawsuit.

Mergers & Acquisitions


We provide our clients with complete range of legal services relating to acquisitions, as well as mergers and strategic alliances. With regard to acquisitions, we generally commence the process with pre-acquisition planning. This process includes determining objectives and priorities.

Corporate Finance


The business practice of KF Law focuses on all phases of complex corporate and commercial finance transactions. Our experienced and skilled attorneys work with clients on each step of the transaction, from the initial structuring, through the planning and execution phases.

Oil & Gas Law


KF Law has attorneys with extensive education, knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry. We specialize in assisting clients with preparing and packaging drilling projects for investments and to be classified as tax shelters.